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Our Products: Gift Baskets
Russian Extreme Vodka Basket
Number : flower126

Widely popular in Eastern Europe, Vodka is a colourless potato- or grain-based spirit that can trace its history as far back as the Middle Ages. Traditionally it is taken straight. Vodka's neutral qualities also make it the perfect mixer for cocktails including the Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan and Long Island Iced Tea. Send the Russian Extreme Gift basket of Smirnoff Red 40% 70cl in a beautifully adorned hand-finished exclusive gift basket as an enticing treat to your receiver. This Russian Extreme Gift basket will contain any vodka of your selection and will be prepared by our talented designers. It will contain additional 5 Russian delicacies including the world-famous red caviar. One thing is sure that your recipient will be astonished after receiving the Russian Extreme Vodka Basket. It is designed to triple your recipient's delight!Give joy to your loved ones by sending them this gift from your heart. Life is very short so show your emotions with your actions.

Price: €186.00

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