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Our Products: Valentine's Day
Love is in the air, what a day. It is a day specifically made for lovers. It is a day that couples wait for, simply because it’s a day designed for them. How is it possible not to send flowers to your loved one on this specific day? Browse below to find the ideal gift for your loved one. Life is short, make each moment count. Show your emotions with actions.

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100 Red Roses (Speaking Flowers)
Price €420.00
Anastasia (Speaking Bouquet)
Price €58.00
Queen Roses (Speaking)
Price €146.00
Exclusive Red Roses in a Box
Price €144.00
Valentine's Gift Basket
Price €137.00
100 Queen Roses (new)
Price €320.00
100 Roses
Price €320.00
Queen Roses
Price €84.00
Valentine's Day Beauty
Price €78.00
Price €38.00
Valentine’s Teddy Bear
Price €24.00
Sweet Heart
Price €84.00
He and She
Price €74.00
Exotic Beauty
Price €58.00
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
Price €22.00
Valentine's Sparkling WIne
Price €48.00
Valentine's Sparkling WIne 2
Price €48.00
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